Happy Mother’s Day To Us All


“Holy Mother Earth, the trees, and all nature are witnesses to your thoughts and deeds,” a Native American saying. On Mother’s Day, we honor from the vast to within. We start with the cosmic womb in the center of all the galaxies in the universe that birth with light and conscious love the solar and planetary systems, which then birth life, like the lush, abundant, generous, divine Mother Earth, our first mother, who gives us all, from the food harvested from her skin soil to the hydration from her river veins and sky tears rain, to the support when we need refuge or grounding by resting on her tree children or her grass hair. To her and her cosmic allies, we bow and give thanks.
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Healing From Within

“Though we can’t always see it at the time, if we look upon events with some perspective, we see things always happen for our best interests. We are always being guided in a way better than we know ourselves.”   ~Swami Satchidananda


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello beautiful world, my beloved kin!

Blogs are like giving mini births, I take my dancing time with multiple themes and learnings from my research and life events so that I can craft a rhythmic song that mirrors my current internal processes with a tantalizing beat, in hopes they may ring true to you and together we can co-create harmonic strength on our healing path.  Ahhhh! A moment of pause and reflection of the magical synchronicities we have been experiencing since the buzz of summer.  Writing and cataloging can be so healing that way, a moment to pause, reflect, and hunt for the best words to describe the latest chapter in the journey.


Lately, everything is “Ding-Ding!!” – divinely, cosmically timed! In Wisdom Teachings from David Wilcock’s series, we have been learning about this very special time in the universe, where all planets are shifting into new charged up territory, enhancing physical changes in their atmospheres, expanding our synchronicities and cosmic intuitive abilities, and potentially opening our ascension into higher realms of consciousness with divinity.  In addition, we may have felt intermittent pauses which invited us back into our journals, our priority lists weaved with innovation, and the clever courses of actions so that our imminent Fall harvests can be abundant for sharing, freedom in truth seeking, and laughter from storytelling.

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Deep Mama Love

Dear friends and human family, I just got back from a beautiful sit spot with my Pixie baby girl. Having a dog really helps to make routine our sit spots and nature walks. We go to “The Loop” as we call it just outside our doorstep! It is about 20 acres of wild land – chaparral manzanita with oaks and many other local species, like the coffee berry bush. We walk, and walk, and pay attention to what nature is saying. Pixie knows and loves sit spot, and demands it!- too adorable to the point it makes me quiver. She ends up walking ahead of me and pauses right next to the lichened rock I love sitting on to observe, pray, give thanks, and ask for guidance.

Today we observed the change in the Junco’s song- we know this call, it has a little rattle and it is very sweet and melodic, calling forth the mating season of spring. We saw and heard the hard to find California Thrasher, with “the calling of my woman!” song that is so familiar since we remember it from last year, it sounds like the Mockingbird’s song, a beautiful twirl of notes and melody that you can wiggle your butt to. We observed the Phaenopepla, another hard to find bird that is in the flycatcher family- he is sexy, gorgeous with his shiny black coat and elegant head crest, he looks like those classy 1800’s musical composers with their wigs and shiny outfits. His sweet whistle song is popular around this time of the year, as the mistletoe offers more food for them, making them stand out even more.

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2018 Harmonizing With Mother Earth

“Resist much. Obey little.” ~Walt Whitman
“Now. Or never. ” ~Thoreau
Hello human family, blessings to you!
Hope this New Year so far is bathing you like the rains outside with hope, imagination, novelty, curiosity, trust, confidence, health, sustenance of energy, and visions for a cleaner, brighter future for our families, humanity, all Earth species, and the Earth herself. Gosh, I wish it were easier for us all to be bathed in these ways because we all need and could use a dose of that, but in my little world I cope with the fastness and chaos of life by reeling myself back to this present moment of being Alive and connect to my prayers, which bridge my actions with my heart calling, for each day is full of gifts waiting to be unwrapped and aligned with our warrior work, as we learn, study, wonder, and share what buzzes for us in our present day town center and commons, the internet.  I treasure this portal as if it were a part of my home, an extension to my heart’s voice, so that I can share with you that which is bubbling up for me and I feel is worth considering in your Truth research basket.  I give bows of thanks to your hearts and your time for being here, right now. And as always, please, I invite you to share that which is sprouting through your reality and experience.
In this blog, I will be sharing with you some uncomfortable truths that often are regarded as conspiracy and thus discarded as real.  Please know that it is out of love, empowerment to our health, educational purposes, awareness amplification, and devotion to Earth that I share this.  I thank you for your time, and all I can ask from you is to keep an open mind and heart as you forge through.  We need each other in this journey, we are not the enemies, we are on the same team of life defense.  We do not need to “kill the messenger”- there is plenty of that already out there.

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Fairies are Everywhere

“Fairies are everywhere…  All you need to do is Look.”

The magic of life is always around us, even when we are coming upon cycles that end, causing despair, grief, or our longing to hold on.  Yet when we change our understanding and interpretation of the events from an attitude of natural-ness, with some spark of detachment to the continuum of life and its incessant transformations in states of being, right there and then, we allow revelations from a new cycle that is taking place into our awareness and wisdom, and we can then welcome what must and will come anyways.

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Only Love

“The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.”  

~ Galileo Galilei

Little suns are born every day in the universe, in our galaxies, and then in our planet. Homes, hospitals, river shores, and oceans birth little suns which then rule our hearts.  I am one of those lucky ones to have been touched by a sun, directly piercing my heart with innocent, precise aim, shattering my fears and illusion walls that straight jacketed my dreams for years.

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Being Auntie

Being an auntie is an important role, whether blood kin or not, we occupy a unique space that matters and that grows with the adventure.  My auntie experience is deepening with maturity, now it is my turn to be an auntie.

This type of mentorship should not be overlooked or taken lightly.  My auntie was amazing that way.  She did not establish major rules for me, but gave me  Continue reading “Being Auntie”